To view the photos that were in the exhibit in Paris, please go here


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The film from the exhibit

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“Images et histoires” a Vernissage in Paris

Hello all,

This blog has been a stillborn and for that I am sorry. If it makes things better, we have been working very hard on putting an exhibit together.

I am starting to post images from the work that the kids did in Jenin. For now, I am letting everyone know that an exhibit is taking place in Paris to showcase the work that the youth of Jenin created. The exhibit is a series of photos that the kids created, speaking of personal stories of their friends and families in the camp, assisted with essays to explain who their “subjects” are. Their work is very moving, speaks about the realities of the people who are close to them, and is undeniably beautiful.

The entire series will be posted along with a few photos that I took to accompany their portraits. I mostly concentrated on their living spaces to show a portrait of the Jenin Camp. I am very moved by the work of the youth for putting together such a strong body of photographs. It was not a simple thing to accomplish.

If you are in Paris or know anyone who is, please refer them to the exhibit. It is being held here:

CA Poterne des Peupliers

1 rue Gouthière 75013


Off  of the Port d’Italie Metro stop.

Also, to view photos from the opening, please visit the Facebook Page:  HERE

A special thanks to all of those who made this project happen. The kids and I are  amazed by your kindness.

Ishaaq's photo

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The road to volunteering

As you may know, money does not grow on trees. I recently discovered this when I started hashing out projected costs for the “kids with cameras” photo project that I will be heading up this Spring.
Starting in March, I will be in the West Bank encouraging/teaching a small group of Palestinian kids to express their life under Israel’s occupation by using the medium of photography. I plan to have 10-12 weeks of classes where I give the kids one roll a week to shoot their daily lives. Through this time they will embark on many adventures that will increase their  their self expression, stimulate their imaginations, and make them proud. The overall goal of the project is to raise awareness of what it would be like to be born into a war for land that has nothing to do with being a kid and enjoying the innocence of youth. At the end of the project, I plan to edit through the photos and select the best to be shown abroad along with the photos that I have taken during my time in Palestine. At the conclusion of the class, the kids will receive all of their photos on a disc with their best photos printed out for their personal memories along with their donated cameras.
This is where I need your help; I have purchased the film but need funding for the cameras, developing, and printing costs. The estimated amount that I need to raise is $775. Without the contribution of others, this project will be impossible. Please donate what you can or want freely, there is neither a higher or lower limit to your contribution. I also ask that you please spread the word about this project to those who would be interested in being a part of it as outside support is necessary to making this a success. Join me in taking a positive stand in the face of a more than unfortunate situation for a child to be raised in.

Please click HERE to DONATE

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